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PORON 4701-37-14256-04 Polyurethane Foam | ROGERS

PORON 4701-37-14256-04 is a kind of high performance polyurethane foam material, widely used in electronics, communications, medical, sports and aerospace and other fields.

  • Categories:Polyurethane foam
  • Size: Customized on request
  • Thickness:6.5
  • Color:Usually black
  • Remarks:For more physical properties, please contact us for the physical property table

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PORON 4701-37-14256-04 and has excellent aseismic performance, can quickly restore to the original state under high pressure, help reduce impact and vibration damage to the equipment and spare parts.

  • PORON 4701-37-14256-04 can have excellent absorption properties, can absorb energy and reduce the damage of the impact and vibration.
  • PORON 4701-37-14256-04 can quickly restore to the original state, to help reduce the vibration and noise of equipment and spare parts.
  • PORON 4701-37-14256-04 high durability, not easy aging and deformation, long service life.
  • PORON 4701-37-14256-04 has good temperature stability and chemical stability, suitable for the use of harsh environments.

    PORON 4701-37-14256-04 can be used in a variety of high-end applications, such as electronics, communications, medical, sports and aerospace, etc., common applications include:
  • phone and tablet cushion and gasket.
  • aerospace equipment antivibration pad and sealing material.
  • medical equipment shock absorption mat and insulator.
  • sport insoles and knee cushion.
  • all kinds of high-end instrumentation and electronic equipment of shock and vibration damping materials

    For Rogers PORON 4701-37-14256-04, the material we can provide professional advice and information, and can provide professional die cutting customization service for you.

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