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PORON 4701-V0-M-25236-107 Polyurethane Foam | ROGERS

PORON 4701-V0-M-25236-107 is an excellent flame retardant properties of open pass polyurethane foam material, can be used for a variety of electronic and electrical applications, such as isolation, cushion, seal, gasket and so on.

  • Categories:Polyurethane foam
  • Size: Customized on request
  • Thickness:6
  • Color:Usually black
  • Remarks:For more physical properties, please contact us for the physical property table

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PORON 4701-where V0-M-25236-107 is a kind of open pass black polyurethane foam material, has excellent flame retardant performance, accord with UL94 V-0 level. The density of the product for 15 pounds per cubic foot (240 kg/m after), can provide the thickness range from 0.020 inches (0.51 mm) to 0.500 inch (12.7 mm)

  • PORON 4701 - where V0 - M - 25236-107 flame retardant performance, accord with UL94 V - 0 level standards;
  • hole type design provides excellent compression capacity and energy absorption performance;
  • low pressure gradient feature (LVHC) and good oxidation resistance, suitable for outdoor use;
  • soft, soft, easy to fabrication and installation;
  • PORON 4701 - where V0 - M - 25236-107 excellent resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, can be used under various environmental conditions.

    PORON 4701-V0-M-25236-107 is suitable for various electrical and electronic applications, such as isolation, cushion, seal, gasket and so on. Specific applications include:
  • electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops screen sealing gasket;
  • indoor and outdoor electrical control cabinet and equipment vibration isolation and cushioning materials;
  • automobile and aviation electronic equipment sealing and gasket;
  • other applications need to be flame retardant performance.

    For Rogers PORON 4701-V0-M-25236-107, the material we can provide professional advice and information, and can provide professional die cutting customization service for you.

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