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PORON 4790-79-09030-04P Polyurethane Foam | ROGERS

PORON 4790-79-09030-04 p is a kind of high performance polyurethane foam material, produced by Rogers corporation. It is a kind of high density, high hardness materials, mainly used to provide excellent buffering, shock and vibration isolati

  • Categories:Polyurethane foam
  • Size: Customized on request
  • Thickness:0.76
  • Color:Usually black
  • Remarks:For more physical properties, please contact us for the physical property table

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PORON 4790-79-09030-04P is a kind of high density, high hardness material, can provide high support and damping effect, simultaneously has the high resilience and durability. It can be in wide temperature range and stable performance, and has good chemical resistance.

  • high performance buffer: PORON 4790-79-09030-04 p can provide excellent buffering effect, can reduce impact and vibration, to protect product from damage.
  • high elasticity and durability: PORON 4790-79-09030-04 p has high resilience and durability, the performance of can remain stable for a long time.
  • heat resistance and chemical resistance, PORON, 4790-79-09030-04 p can be in wide temperature range and stable performance, and it has good chemical resistance.
  • multi-purpose: PORON 4790-79-09030-04 p can be used in a variety of fields, such as electronic products, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc.

  • electronic products: PORON 4790-79-09030-04P can be used in the manufacture of electronic products, such as mobile phone, computer, digital camera, etc., provides excellent cushioning and protection performance.
  • medical equipment: PORON 4790-79-09030-04P can be used in medical equipment, such as prostheses and orthoses, provides excellent cushioning and support.
  • industrial equipment: PORON 4790-79-09030-04P can be used to industrial equipment, such as machinery, instruments and meters, etc., to provide excellent buffering and damping performance.
  • other areas: PORON 4790-79-09030-04P can also be used in automotive, aerospace, construction and other fields, to provide high strength and durability of the protection performance.

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