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We are a professional supplier of industrial products in China, committed to the production and sale of high-quality adhesive products and industrial products, our products are used in various industries, including automotive industry, electronics and electricians, logo manufacturing, labels, warning signs and so on.

Our goal is to sell and customize the best quality products, and to provide you with quality service. Our team is experienced and can work closely with you to provide the best solution for your application.

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Nitto515,NITTO 515

Nitto No515 is a thick double-sided adhesive tape with good "bonding" and "ease of use". It can be widely used as an auxiliary material for interior decoration parts, as well as plastic materials and..


Nitto513,NITTO 513

Nitto N0513 adhesive tape is strong and not easy to break. It is suitable for fixing metal and rubber printing plates. Features strong base material, not easy to break when peeling tape. Characteristic thickness [mm]0.13180° Peel adhesio


Nitto5000NS,NITTO 5000NS

Nitto No.5000NS uses soft and strong non-woven fabric as the base material, which can completely peel off the tape without breaking when decomposing parts, contributing to promoting the reuse of parts. Characteristics & bull; Adhesive tape s


Nitto575,NITTO 575

NITTO575 is made from a special flexible foam substrate coated with a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. Works well when fixing objects. Features using foam body as the base material, can stick tightly..