SEKISUI is a famous construction company in Japan, a subsidiary of SEKISUI Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., one of the largest integrated enterprises in Japan, headquartered in 2-4-4, North District, Osaka, Japan. SEKISUI Residential Co., Ltd. carries out career activities with the concept of "providing you with a residence that cares for the earth's environment and can live comfortably for more than 60 years". The sales share of "houses equipped with solar power generation system", "fully electrified houses" and "ceramic tile exterior walls" are second to none in Japan. Seeper residence, as a top housing industrialization developer in Japan, has a history of more than 50 years, with sales of 1.4884 trillion yen (about US $17.5 billion) in 2010 and cumulative production and sales of more than 2.11 million residential units. It is the pioneer of housing industrialization in Japan. The company has always hoped to bring the building concept of economic cycle, energy conservation and environmental protection to China.