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Nitto516,NITTO 516

NITTO 516 is a double-sided adhesive tape that does not use organic solvents (toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, etc.). Pursue "adhesiveness" and "easy-to-use", which can bond curved surfaces well. It can be widely used in various wide-width adherends such as foams, metals, and plastics.

NITTO 516 Thickness: 0.15mm White translucent especially suitable for bonding curved surfaces
VOC (*) diffusion volume is below the indoor concentration standard stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Double-sided adhesive tape.
(*): Volatile Organic Compound (Volatile Organic Compound)
It can stick to foam, plastic and other adherends well.
The six substances subject to the Rohs directive are not used.


180°Peel adhesion force unit of each adherend: N/20mm

Adhesive adherence

Stainless steel plate 12.0

Acrylic plate 12.7

ABS plate 13.5

PP plate 10.0

* mounted on PET#25, 23 Measure 180° peeling under the conditions of ℃ and a tensile speed of 300mm/min.

180°Peel adhesion force (for stainless steel plate) at each temperature Unit: N/20mm

Temperature adhesion

10℃ 10.5

23℃ 12.0


60℃ 9.1

*The mounting and stretching speed of PET#25 is 180° peeling measurement under the condition of 300mm/min
Press the tape and measure it under the above temperature conditions

For the adhesion and fixation of foams< br />Used to fix plastic display board
Used to glue film and paper

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