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Nitto5000N©,NITTO 5000N©

Nitto No5000N(C) uses a soft non-woven material with high tensile strength, so it can be peeled off again. It can be used in a wide range of adherends.

It can be used for objects that are difficult to paste such as polystyrene and polypropylene.
The tape has high tensile strength and is suitable for the reuse of parts and other peeling.

[Product List]
Black adhesive type: No.5000N(C)B
Double peeling layer type: No.5000N(C) WH


Thickness [mm] 0.16

180°Peel adhesion [N/20mm]16.0

Substrate non-woven fabric< /p>

●Adhesive characteristics (180 ° peel adhesion strength of each adherend) Unit: N/20mm

Adhesive No.5000N(C )

Stainless steel plate 16.0

Aluminum plate 15.0

PP plate 14.5

ABS plate 15.0

Acrylic plate 15.5

PSt board 16.0

PC board 16.0

PET board 15.0

Glass board 14.5

Foam (ester Type) 10.0

Foam (ether type)7.0

Tape width: 20mm
Lining material: PET#25
Stretching speed: 300mm/min
Peel angle: 180 °
Measurement temperature: 23 ℃×50%RH

※ The above data is only an example of the measured value and is not a guaranteed value.

It is used for bonding metal plates, foam materials and plastic plates.
Used in places that need to be peeled off again.
Used to fix household appliances.

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