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3M 93010LE strong polyester double-sided tape

3M 93010LE double-sided tape is a strong tape with a double-sided PET film substrate with good warpage resistance.Its thickness is 0.1MM.

  • Categories:3M PET TAPE
  • Size: Customizable
  • Thickness:0.10MM
  • Color:Transparent
  • Remarks:The size can be customized and die-cutting.

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3M93010LE double-sided tape is a strong adhesive double-sided tape with good anti-lifting properties. This tape can be well combined with a variety of different materials, including metals, most plastics, glass, paper, and painted surfaces. The thickness of 3M93010LE is 0.1MM.

  • 3M93010LE is a PET polyester film substrate, which makes the tape easier to handle during cutting and die cutting.
  • 3M93010LE and a variety of rough surfaces (including powder coatings and polypropylene (PP) and other plastics) can play a very good bonding performance
  • 3M93010LE also has strong adhesion to high surface energy materials and is suitable for bonding different materials.
  • 3M93010LE has excellent retention and warping resistance.
  • Good resistance to industrial chemicals, consumer chemicals, humidity and humidity.
  • Suitable for various materials, it is an ideal solution for general accessories and components

  • Consumer electronic device components, such as phones, tablets, and wearable devices
  • Industrial electronic device components, such as workstations
  • Plastic assembly bonding in various industries
  • Various components in the automotive industry
  • Application and assembly of electrical components
  • Medical equipment and equipment manufacturing
  • General industrial applications, such as decorative accessories

    Generally speaking, double-sided adhesive tapes consist of a paper, film or tissue carrier coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. The adhesive is protected by a peelable liner and can be removed during application or left in place until it is ready to connect to the connecting surface. These tapes can be applied by hand or with a dispenser. The double-sided tape dispenser has a variety of configurations, from manual to fully automatic. The application of double-sided tape is widely used in construction, manufacturing, art and hobbies. We have professional die-cutting equipment to support product die-cutting and punching customization.

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